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HELM Fantasia

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Heifer Producing Machine giving us (8) heifers overall. We have had the misfortune of losing (3) of her heifers at or near birth due to predators and one unknown infection but the (5) living daughters have grown to be superior animals. "Fantasia" has crossed so well with "20 Gauge" giving us (4) beautiful heifers and then we have (1) lateral horn beauty "Helm Fantasy" from the twist producer "Big League". Her 2015 daughter "Helm Tiffany 537" sold for $10,000 at the 2022 Legends Sale and at the time had near 85" ttt & 105" TH. Her 2016 daughter "Helm Celine 632" possessing the very same lateral twist as her dam, was approaching 90" ttt in 2022 and was listed on the "Struthoff Ranch" site for $30,000 plus she was the high seller at the 2017 HSC Bred and Owned Heifer Sale. Another Daughter "Helm Whitney 723" has a ton of sweep horn and has given us a beautiful "Big League" daughter named "Helm Sabrina 991" and then in 2022 daughter "Whitney" gave us the biggest bull ("Cross Tie 242") at weaning we have ever bred. It all goes back to ("Fantasia's) Dam "Sl Selenas Ace" who sold for a combined $37,000 in public Auction. "SL Selenas Ace" ( 18 yrs old in 2023). is still going strong and is a phenomenal outcross to today's genectics. This maternal line is heavy in "Lambs Temptation" and the Legendary "Eileen Day" Breeding. Entire Maternal line are great mothers and milkers. "Fantasia" gave us a bull calf in 2022 from "Stone Red 671" and He is a great looking calf. Momma "Fantasia" still doing an awesome job in every way. To sum the above up "Helm Fantasia" and daughters continue the great production that was passed down from her ancestral line. Great Cow !!!
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HELM Fantasia